How to Obtain AN AUS Driving Licence

Awards Driving School is one of the best known driving schools in the Queensland area, and has a well-deserved reputation for employing only the best driving instructors in Queensland.

You might think that we would say that, but we have the proof to back it up. The national average driving test first time pass rate is 41%. At Awards, our Queensland driving instructors achieve a first time pass rate for their pupils of 61%. That’s why our slogan is “pass fast, pass safe”. If you want to pass your test the first time (and you do, don’t you?) you have a far better chance with our driving instructors in Queensland than with any other driving school.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. If you’ve never stepped behind the wheel of a car before, our Queensland driving instructors will ensure that you feel comfortable from the moment that you begin.

online driving lessons Queensland

The Provisional Licence

There are three main steps towards getting a full AUS driving licence. To begin with, you need a provisional licence, before you can learn to drive on the roads. Obtaining a provisional licence is a simple matter of completing Form D1 on the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website. You can also get this form from a Post Office.

You’ll need to supply a couple of passport photographs, together with proof of identity such as a passport, proof of address, and your National Insurance number. You have to pay a fee of $50.00. You should receive your provisional licence within a week, and then you can begin your online driving lessons Queensland with our driving instructors in Queensland.

Pass Certificate

In order to obtain your Pass Certificate, you will need to pass both the theory and practical driving tests. As you have already seen, with our driving instructors in Queensland, your chances of a first time pass are way higher than the national average. Your Pass Certificate acts as a temporary driving licence and is only valid for two years.

The Full Licence

At the end of the two year period, you can apply for your Full Licence. You have to complete another Form D1, supply two passport photographs, proof of identity, proof of address, and your National Insurance number. You will then be issued with your Full Licence which is very like a credit card, and has your photograph on it. You can use this as proof of identity when it is required for other purposes.

One thing to note is that, if you do not apply for your Full Licence at the end of the two year validity of the Pass Certificate, you will have to undertake both the theory test and the practical test again.

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Our Executive Is Missing: Kidnap and Ransom Basics for Security Professionals

The first of a three-part series to help protective professionals understand how K&R can be successfully resolved.

Preparing for the worse is part of every security professional’s repertoire especially when it comes to planning for failure. This three-part series is designed to enhance understanding of how kidnap and ransom negotiations work and your role in the event the unthinkable happens. Cyber Security leaders with a significant global high-risk footprint know that a kidnapping may not be a question of “if” but a question of “when”. It may happen when you are not directly responsible for covering your employee or their family and therefore least able to prevent it – when they are alone and most vulnerable. Learning what to expect in those first hours of an abduction will help you avoid becoming a bystander when your leadership is most needed.

Kidnap 101:

Kidnapping is a significant weapon of influence and source of funding for criminals and terrorists from South America to Southeast Asia to Africa. Kidnapping is the unlawful seizure and detention of a person usually for a ransom. That latter part of the definition, “usually for a ransom”, is the beacon of light the skilled negotiator homes in on and exploits to accomplish the mission – the safe release of the victim.

Cyber Security

The international kidnap phenomenon is a “good news, bad news” scenario. The bad news – Kidnapping is a burgeoning crime flourishing in countries where police and prosecutors are unable or unwilling to address it. Consequently, the kidnapper perceives his plans as low risk, high gain. The good news – The captor’s motivation in most kidnappings, is money. The kidnapper’s purpose is monetary rather than bringing harm to the hostage. Therefore, hostages retain their value when they remain alive. This critical dynamic provides the negotiator with the leverage and influence needed to liberate the hostage.

Although money remains far and away the most common kidnap motivation, political demands including publicity, release of prisoners and welfare items have also been used as ransom criteria. Nigerian groups have taken hostages to force oil companies to provide economic assistance to local villagers. Journalist Danny Pearl was taken to pressure the Pakistan government not to support the U.S. In all cases, the kidnapper’s goal is to force a third party to do something; usually to pay money. Holding the hostage and threatening harm empowers the kidnapper. Nevertheless, victim companies and families have control and influence since they control what the kidnapper wants – money. The overriding theme a negotiator messages is; “If you harm the hostage you won’t get what you want.”

The Early Hours:

The initial stages of a kidnap are marked by both limited and conflicting information. You will normally have more questions than answers when your employee’s whereabouts are unknown. You may be nowhere near your protectee nor responsible for their welfare when you get a call indicating they or their family member are missing. Therefore, your priority must be to confirm that a kidnapping truly occurred.  Event Security professionals who maintain viable tracking and locator technology enjoy a significant advantage here. Immediately engage a pre-selected K&R professional, who you or your company have already vetted. These professionals often come out of federal law enforcement or specialized firms and are extensively trained in crisis negotiations. Your consultant should be able to demonstrate dozens of successful resolutions to ransom, extortion and barricaded subject scenarios. Next, prepare for the worse-case scenario by planning for the abductor’s initial call.  Next, assist the consultant, your company and the employee’s family to decide who should take the initial ransom call.

The Communicator:

As a protective professional you should have a crisis management plan that includes a K&R response protocol. Part of that protocol should be an understanding that if a kidnap occurs, a K&R consultant will want to select a communicator to engage with the captor. The role of the communicator is that of a mouthpiece for the victim family or company and to act as a conduit to the kidnapper. The communicator has limited authority and must project subordination to the final decision makers when conversing with the captors. Adherence to company or family objectives and gathering accurate information are important aspects of the communicator’s duties.

When helping to select a communicator remember that the person must be: Willing to accept coaching; Loyal to your client’s company and its policies; Emotionally stable; and, an excellent listener. The communicator is not a debater but more of an influencer and persuader who conveys honesty and resolve while trying to avoid confrontation.

The ability of the communicator to maintain a low key, calm and patient business-like demeanor is imperative. One of the communicator’s key tasks is to establish a window of contact with the kidnapper. The communicator can exert a degree of control and minimize the necessity of being continuously available by arranging a specific time frame for contacts with the captors. If the captor attempts to make contact outside of the arranged time, the communicator must not acknowledge the contact thereby using a classical conditioning approach to influence the captor to abide by the agreement.

Prior to a scheduled contact the communicator will prepare and rehearse under the supervision of a trained K&R negotiator. Objectives are set out for each contact. The communicator must be prepared to play both defense and offense. The communicator will be coached on how to respond (defense) to anticipated topics the captor may broach. At the same time, the communicator will be armed with three or four key points (offense) to work into the conversation. The conversation will be scripted with key words and phrases prominently posted on situation boards in the negotiation operations center (NOC). You can facilitate this operation by acquiring and securing a NOC that is quiet and convenient for all.

Once a decision is made as to where and to whom the initial call will be directed the key messages must be readied. Your K&R professional will help draft a message for the company or family that is designed to convey three things to the captor: 1) A willingness to communicate; 2) The need for proof of possession/proof of life; and 3) A requirement for a reasonable delay. You should prepare the communicator for what’s coming – A high financial demand, a deadline, threats, and a warning to not involve law enforcement.

Up next: The second article in this series will address interaction with law enforcement, families, and the media.

Contact Us to speak with our Subject Matter Expert Kidnap and Ransom Consultancy Team

The original article was first published by Security Magazine

About the authors

Steve Romano and Frank Figliuzzi help lead ETS Risk Management, Inc. They consult with global clients on Crisis Negotiations, Kidnap, and Workplace Violence. Steve was the FBI’s Chief Hostage Negotiator and a Vice President of Control Risks. Frank was the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and a Fortune 100 corporate security executive. Frank also works as a National Security Contributor for NBC News.

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3 Exciting Benefits of Considering an On Site Caravans for Sale

Sadly wealth is considered the most important thing in our society nowadays and it drive us to work hard and spend less time with our loved ones. Going for holidays in Caravan Parks or considering an On Site Caravans for Sale can bring us back to reality and make us realise that the simple things in life are actually the things that make us happy. Being healthy, learning new things, strengthening our family relationships and making new friends are all aspects of an affordable Caravan Park holiday.

If these elements are important to you and your families’ happiness perhaps you should consider an On Site Caravans for Sale. An Onsite Caravan is a Caravan that is allow to stay in the Caravan Park all year round. Typically the owners have added hard annexes or decking to the Caravan to increase sleeping and entertaining spaces. The majority of Australia’s population live in the major cities Sydney and Melbourne and the best location for an Onsite Caravan is within 2-3 hours drive so that its easy to visit regularly. Generally Sydney people will look for On Site Caravans for Sale in NSW, Central Coast or On Site Caravans for Sale on the South Coast NSW. People from Melbourne will look at the Morning Peninsula or Bellarine Peninsula.

on site caravans for sale

You may want to ‘keep up with the Jones’ by going on hotel holidays but it will be expensive and won’t give the same benefits of Caravan Park holidays. Here are some of the key benefits of Caravan Park holidays or considering a On Site Caravans for Sale.

Bringing your family together

Caravan Park holidays force you and your family to spending time together in a confined space without the distractions of a television. A lot of time is spent together cooking, cleaning, playing games and having silly conversations together. You end up finding out about each other’s annoying habits but also becoming more patient and strengthening your bond with each other. Considering a permanent holiday home/On Site Caravan for Sale will mean you are committing to investing in strengthening your family’s relationships far into the future.

Rewarding your hard work

Camping and holidaying in a Caravan requires teamwork and effort to accomplish tasks. For instance when first arriving at your Onsite Caravan there will need to be some organising of the interior, setting up awnings and cleaning decks. Cooking may require a BBQ to be cleaned, salads to be made and tables to be setup and laid with cutlery. These tasks can we delegated and once all tasks have been done you and your family can enjoy the meal together. The effort and team work put in will make the meal more satisfying and enjoyable.


Considering an On Site Caravans for Sale will improve you and your family’s fitness. Caravan Park holidays are filled with activities that are outdoors and involve you to move around. These activities could include playing tennis, running after the kids around the park, fishing in the nearby lake or even trying your hand at beach fishing. Swimming in the Caravan Park pool or diving through the waves at the nearby beach. Compared to a luxury hotel holiday where you might spend a lot of time sitting in comfortable chairs and eating rich foods, a Caravan park holiday will keep you active and your body looking lean and healthy.

If you are interested in investigating further and you live in a major city like Sydney, you may want to look for On Site Caravans for Sale in NSW, Central Coast or On Site Caravans for Sale on the South Coast NSW. Many people from Melbourne will look at the Morning Peninsula or Bellarine Peninsula.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.

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5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Gym near Allentown PA

You may have made up your mind for joining a gym near your home. You may have done some inquiry and research before paying for the gym memberships. There are many personal trainer Allentown PA, but you should consider all the factors before you join one. Gym membership is a long term commitment that has a great impact on your fitness and health.

Here Are 5 Important Things You Should Know Before Joining a Gym:

It Is Not Just About the Gym

When you sign up for a gym membership, you would be visiting there several times a week, or even daily. You should be comfortable working out in that particular environment. Along with exercise, you should plan what you would eat, count your calories, and refuse the junk food to start living a healthy lifestyle. You can seek expert advice and suggestions to plan your meals and a workout schedule also.

Hours of Operation Matter a Lot

You should inquire about the hours of operation of the gym and check with the instructors about the timings when it’s most crowded. If you are joining a gym for the first time, you may need expert guidance and personal attention. Some gyms operate round the clock and so, you can visit them as per your convenience.

personal trainer allentown pa
personal trainer allentown pa


Compare the fees at several personal trainer Allentown PA. You can call them up and inquire about the membership plans or visit a few nearby gyms personally to get the price details. Once you have the prices of some of the reputed gyms, you can compare them and choose the one that fits within your budget. Some gyms offer discounts also. Do not hesitate to ask us about the current offers we’re running.

Quality and Condition of Equipment

Visit the gym personally and check the condition of the equipment. Would you like to visit a gym where sweat is placed over the handles of treadmills? Nobody would like to join a gym that has torn seats on exercise cycles. Walk around every corner of the gym and find out whether it is clean and hygienic. Ask them how often they clean the gym floor and equipment.

Friendliness of the Staff Members

Discuss all the things with the staff members and instructors. This will help you understand whether they are friendly or not. You can ask them questions and clarify the doubts before joining gyms near Allentown PA.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, make sure that you choose the right gym to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Do some research over the internet, read the reviews online, and compare the prices while joining a gym. You can ask your friends or family members to accompany you so that you can make exercise fun and spend some time together at the gym. Investing in a gym membership is an important decision and so, think of the long term benefits before you join a gym.


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Services of the Moving Companies Sherwood Park

Preparing to move to newer location is extremely challenging and difficult as movers and storage is a problematic matter to deal with. Here I want to share some of the important issues and points which can really help you in getting out of the difficult circumstances. These simple tools can actually make your Sherwood Park movers as a easiest process which you have never thought of before.

To start with the process of Sherwood park movers make sure that you have used regular and standard sized boxes as they will be easier to keep and maintain during the moves. Use the boxes in 2-3 standard sizes because it help you in managements at the time of shipping and moreover piling will be easier for you in this manner. In every home there are few items which are not of the value or you don’t want to keep them with you, so at the time of movers and storage you should keep all of them aside, it will reduce your efforts and you can keep your new place more tidy and organized.

Sherwood park movers

Sherwood Park movers of delicate glassy items or antiques is another demanding job, you have to be very careful at the time of their packing’s. For these items you should use proper fitting boxes according to the size of the item and further keep them in bigger boxes after proper padding’s. At the time of loading the packed boxes, keep the denser containers in the bottom and lighter ones as you go up.

For smooth Sherwood park movers make sure that all the packed boxes have been properly closed with the help of tapes or other materials because open boxes could easily fell down which can be a cause of breakage. Don’t forget to properly label all the boxes right at the time of keeping’s so that it will be simpler for you to distinguish the items at the time of resetting.

Helping Hands Family Movers in Edmonton can really help you in this regard as they will not only provide you complete moving services but also provide safety schemes. If you are moving to a long-distance then it will be a good decision to hire a moving and storage providers because they will make you free from all kinds of tensions and other concerns which may disturbs you. Many of the movers and storage services providers offer 100% assurance for any sort of damages and breakages so they will take care of your goods in a best possible way as even you can’t.

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What Are the Best Outdoor Sun Shades?

Architecturally designed, the cantaport is the next generation carport currently revolutionising carports in Melbourne and Australia wide.

Fusing cutting edge elements with the science of cantilevering, this 2-pole shade brilliantly minimises the aesthetic impact on the environment, while offering a formidable protection from all weather conditions.

Affordable, stylish and multipurpose, this durable cantilevered shade is now a prominent feature across the residential landscape in Melbourne. Built to withstand sun, wind, heat and rain, Future Shade your preferred supplier of outdoor sun shades Melbourne offers the Cantaport for the discerning home owner, looking to add value and aesthetic appeal to their home. This innovative and stylish carport features:

    • Anodized aluminium which resists rust
    • Marine grade 316 stainless screws
    • Effective polycarbonate roof sheeting cuts UV by 100% and heat 83%
    • 250 x time stronger than glass sheeting
    • 10-year warranty on all parts
    • Available in a selection of colours to complement the façade of your home

Stylish Carports Melbourne

Boasting a built-in gutter and stylish down pipe unique to the Cantaport, enhance the kerbside appeal of your property while increasing the value of your property. Built to Australian standards, the Cantaport is a multifunctional shade structure that can also be used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. From pool shades to outdoor living through to hotels and children’s playgrounds, the Cantaport whilst contemporising carports in Melbourne, it is also providing businesses and homes with a quick installation process that will see you enjoying your new space quicker.

Call for Your Cantaport Consultation

Protect your car from the elements with our stylish yet highly functional carports in Melbourne and nationwide on request. Call the team at Future Shade the installation and maintenance specialists on 1300 336 776.

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The Top 5 Hotels for Security in India

In this India edition, we are looking at the top 5 hotels in India. Our local security providers and security managers have drawn upon their collective experience and corporate knowledge to pull together this list based on an extensive understanding of the particular dynamics of the region. Please click on each below to be linked to their specific details

  • JW Marriot Hotel
  • St Regis Hotel
  • Hyatt regency Hotel
  • Hilton India Reforma
  • Four Seasons India

Security Transportation and Executive Protection India

ETS are executive protection and Security Transport India providers with extensive experience of operating throughout India. We utilize trusted, vetted local personal security specialists and have a pool of vehicles available, including armored vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or consider visiting our innovative web-based platform providing our clients the capability to book security transportation and executive protection services online ExecSecure

Please Note:

ETS base all our assessments and advice on the latest information available to us but we encourage all our clients and travelers to monitor local travel advisories and their home country’s guidance period to travel. As appropriate you should consider seeking the specialist advice of expert security providers prior to travel Please Contact Us. Execsecure accepts no responsibility or liability based on the advice presented here.

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How to Streamline Workplace Efficiencies with Warewashing Machines

We understand that small catering companies may have a hard time justifying a brand new glasswasher or potwasher however think about your return on investment. Consider the perks of running a modern commercial kitchen that is supported by state-of-the-art warewashing machines. We look at some of the ways that you can streamline workplace efficiencies simply by installing and using glasswashers and potwashers.

Economy of Space

Look at your floorplan. Are your staff floundering around the sink, splashing water everywhere? You can minimise the potential for workplace accidents by simply automating your need for glasswashers and potwashers. Warewashing machines are worth the investment when they give your staff more room to work in rather than crowd basins and benches trying to polish glasses or scrub pots. Simply stack the racks with used glasses as tables are cleaned, then slide straight into the glasswasher. No cluttered sinks and gleaming glasses are ready for use when needed.

An Efficient Workplace is a Safer One

Time is precious. How long would it take you to polish a single glass by hand? You could load a glasswasher and move on to other duties instead. Also, think about the rest of your team and what they could be doing instead. Warewashing machines help your staff to work smarter and faster.

Consistently Clean

There is something wonderful about that dishwasher sheen. You know, that impressive, polished shine that coffee cups seem to have after they’ve been through an automated cleaning cycle. Chances are you already have a dishwasher as part of your commercial kitchen arsenal. Have you considered upgrading? We recommend the Commercial Dishwasher Eswood, Hobart and Lamber brands.

Safer Workplace Practices

You can’t help but make a mess when there’s stacks of pots and pans to scrub and rinse. The floor gets wet with hot, soapy water and there is a chance that someone may accidently slip or break something. Fortunately, potwashers eliminate these kinds of workplace hazards and make for a safer working environment.

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Join the Hour of Code at Launch

Today kicks off Computer Science Education Week! Held every December in honor of the computer science pioneer Admiral Grace Hopper, this global grassroots movement is designed to raise awareness and encourage computer science education.

Every Computer Science Education Week, organizes the Hour of Code™ to get kids around the world game coding summer camps for at least 1 hour during the week, a mission close to our hearts at Launch. To make the most of the week and take advantage of the Hour of Code™ movement, we’ve collected compiled you need to know in one place!

game coding summer camps
game coding summer camps
  1. Use free resources to spend an hour learning to code with your child

The Hour of Code™ is a great way for a child to dip their toes into coding. Browse’s free coding activities here to choose one to work through with your child.

Want to get more involved with your child education? Some schools need volunteers to help with activities! Check the map of schools who have registered to participate with at least an hour of coding to see if your child’s school is represented.

Host your own Hour

Lots of resources are available for educators, but if you didn’t see your child’s school listed, consider volunteering to help organize an hour of coding at the school, or at your local church or community organization. Here is a guide on how to get started as a parent. It’s as easy as coding in HTML! (After your hour of coding of course.)

Launch offers free hour-long classes for first-time coders

In the Austin area? Come by Launch this week to take advantage of our free coding sessions! Our teachers are geared up for the Hour of Code with Chromebooks, unique teaching kids to code programs and intimate instruction for each student. Being built on the “flipped” classroom model that HOC is designed for, Launch allows students to progress at their own pace, with experienced teachers available to help at every step.

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Self Storage Sunnyvale

The Benefits of Storing Your Boat in a Secure Facility

Boat owners often run into the problem of what to do with their vessel during the off-season. If you are uncertain how to store your boat securely, consider the following advantages of using a Self Storage Sunnyvale facility:

Convenient Access

Storing your boat in a boat house often means that your access to your property is restricted to a limited number of hours. Storage facilities often provide better opportunities to visit throughout the week, so you can ensure that your boat remains in top shape according to your schedule.

Self Storage Sunnyvale
Self Storage Sunnyvale

Reduced Risk of Theft

Stealing a boat isn’t easy, but it can be done—especially if you’re storing your vessel somewhere that isn’t particularly secure, like a garage, the local boathouse, or your driveway. Keep in mind that a thief who is sufficiently brazen can accomplish quite a bit when no one is on the premises to stop him. That’s why storing your boat in a secure facility will drastically decrease the likelihood of theft, protecting your valuable investment.

Increased Likelihood of Recovery

A secure storage facility doesn’t just offer a great security system and on-site staff who can keep an eye on your boat—it also provides excellent surveillance. If any attempts at theft or vandalism are made, police will have videotaped evidence that can provide valuable clues about the identity of the suspect.

If you live in the Sunnyvale area and need to make sure that your boat remains secure during the off-season or while you are away, consult Self Storage Sunnyvale. We provide top-quality storage for your boat or RV with state-of-the art security. To learn more about our highly rated self-storage services.

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