Why Water Jet Cutters?

Water jet cutters offer a very effective and versatile method for accurately and consistently cutting a range of materials. They are powerful enough to be able to cut through Metal Stamping. They are flexible and precise enough to be able to cut complex shapes. Also, they offer an additional benefit with the capacity to cut three-dimensional shapes.

This method is suitable for cutting through thin materials or thick materials. It is good for cutting through materials that are covered in rust. It does not use heat for cutting so the level of thermal deformation is negligible and it does not produce any potentially harmful fumes during its use.

How this technology works

It is a surprisingly simple concept that has been developed to a sophisticated and highly effective level through the application of advanced engineering concepts and technology. This is a process that has been through a process of rapid development and continues to become more effective as new technology is developed. The cutting effect is achieved through water containing an abrasive material, often small pieces of garnet crystal, being fired out from a very narrow nozzle at incredibly high velocity. This high-powered jet is able to cut through materials with a high degree of accuracy and precision. As a result, it has the versatility to be used across a wide range of industrial applications.

With the development of more advanced design and manufacturing systems, the ability to utilise this method for complex and project specific designs has increased. Computer-aided design is able to be used to easily create templates which are then used by automated cutting machines. The type of computer systems that are now able to process three-dimensional graphics has broadened making it possible for companies involved in a wide range of areas using industrial design and manufacturing to take advantage of this.

The technique is very effective for cutting steel, stone, ceramics, aluminium, glass, wood, plastics, and laminates. Because of the capacity of the process to be automated, it is able to complete cutting tasks consistently, as well as for cutting large numbers of items using an electronic template. This has led to water jet cutters being used across a wide range of work environments, from the shaping of domestic materials such as granite bench tops and glass splash-backs in kitchens, through to larger scale industrial and mass production manufacturing settings.

This technology has been further developed with the greater flexibility provided through more advanced movement of the cutting jet. It is an environmentally friendly method. The finished edges are smooth and rounded. It does not produce burrs of Metal Stamping. It may not be the fastest method of cutting, but it is able to cut thicker materials than most other methods.

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How to Collect and Use Email Lists Without Breaking Lazada’s Terms of Service

Email marketing is an integral part to any online business’s success, including Lazada sellers.

For you to succeed with email marketing, you need to be creative with the ways that you collect email addresses and communicate to your customers.

Emails are an avenue that link you with a customer directly. However, you should be careful not to breach Lazada’s terms of service when you send you collect their emails or send your content to customers. The last thing you want is to get banned from selling by Lazada because of your eMail acquisition strategies.

This article will give you a few pointers on how to go about email marketing safely.

Why should you use email marketing as a seller on Lazada?

As a seller on Lazada, your presence alone on the e-commerce site will not assure you of sales. Furthermore, it might make sense for you to diversify your business outside of Lazada into your own brand.com store. Then you can escape the marketplace’s fees and distribute ‘your eggs in more baskets’.

And this is why you need to go the extra mile and use other avenues of driving traffic such as email marketing.

For a start, you can consider the following advantages of using emails:

  • Drives traffic

In case you have your email list already, it is possible to use it to your advantage in increasing traffic and sales. There is a lot of competition on social advertising, search ads. And using email marketing effectively is FREE. You can get traffic from your email marketing that is FREE.

  • Building customer loyalty

One of the basic pros of email marketing is fostering customer relationship. You can quickly build your brand using email marketing, and this is a chance Lazada may not offer you. Building your brand is crucial to standing out amid fierce competition.

  • Enhance likelihood of repeat business

You will have more success if your customers are coming back to your shop to buy products multiple times. Emails keep you in touch with the customers and give them a reason to purchase from you again and again.

  • An email list adds value to your business when it is time to sell it

seller on Lazada

If by any chance you plan to sell your business online through brokerage services, then having a massive email listing can add profits to the sale. The valuation of a business is much higher if they have multiple sales and advertising channels running currently.

  • Offers a soft landing in case you are removed from Lazada

Although this is not common, you should be prepared for life after Lazada in case of any termination of membership. Thus, creating a large email list has an advantage in case such a situation arises. You will have the chance to start over again and sell to your customers and other prospects at your own website or another marketplace.

  • Helps you to diversify your business off Lazada

Lazada has a massive customer base which forms a ready market for your products. Customers who search for items on Lazada platform have a higher likelihood to buy than those who search through google.

In most cases, they have a clear intent on what they want to buy and simply visit the site to check out. But you should also have in mind that this comes with a cost since you will have to part with Lazada referral and closing fees that reduce your margins.

So it makes sense to try to get some of your revenues outside of Lazada. This is especially true if you have your own brand.com that you can drive email traffic toward.

Collecting emails safely without breaking Lazada Terms of Service

The safest way to collecting emails for boosting your sales is by doing so before a customer reaches Lazada. You can break Lazada’s terms of service by:

  • Attempting to divert transactions or buyers outside the platform (so don’t do this)
  • Making inappropriate email communications to buyers without approval of customers (so don’t do this)

So it’s pretty clear that you cannot use emails to redirect customers from Lazada to another website. And it’s also clear that you cannot send marketing messages of any kind to Lazada customers. Lazada has its own messaging service to contact buyers.

So they key to building email lists without breaking Lazada’s Terms of Services, then, is collecting emails before a potential customer reaches Amazon. Why is this ok? Because if you collect an email off of Lazada, then it’s not Lazada’s customer.

This way, you are safe since the prospect isn’t a Lazada customer already. The acceptable ways to use should be focused on these two principles:

  •       Collecting emails before sales are made on Lazada.
  •       Collecting emails out of Lazada.

The following methods can help you in collecting emails for your marketing campaign:

  • Opt-in forms on your website

You can create forms for people to fill with their email addresses and use it for your campaign. You can even add some offers and discounts for those who fill in their addresses so that you give people the impetus to fill in their personal information.

  • Content giveaways

You can get people to give you their email addresses by offering free useful content that will provide them with a reason to follow a link or click on a call-to-action. This can be anything from an e-book to a PDF guide that is beneficial.

  • Social media

Another great place to get email listings is social media sites such as Facebook. By using a form that users can fill after clicking a call-to-action button. Here, you will also need to offer discounts or any other incentives that can motivate someone into filling in your form. Humans are more prone to give information if they are given something in return.

  • Package inserts

You can populate your packages with sheets of product inserts that state specific benefits of sending an email to you. Once you’ve captured that email, you can add it to your mailing list. Many sellers offer warranties if the seller registers by emailing them.

How to use your email lists effectively

Now that you have acquired the email addresses and are ready for the campaign, the following ideas can help you utilize your email software effectively:

  • Organize a welcome email

Your first email is crucial to either maintaining your customers interest or losing them. If you must have an automated reply to someone who opts into your listing, then it has to be good. It can be the difference between the prospect gaining or losing interest in you. Therefore, you must have a well-crafted welcome message that forwards your brand to the reader.

  • Curation emails

This is an email that you send showing what top products you have to offer. It should also recommend some products that the prospect may like with links for a quick check out.

  • Referral emails

Referral emails persuade your current subscribers to refer their friends to you for a reward. It is imperative that you be careful not to be too pushy that you end up chasing your existing customers away. Make it be voluntarily and not under much pressure.

  • Discount Emails

These are emails that contain discounts on products to drive more traffic and sales.

  • Order confirmation Emails

This is an email that gives the customer a receipt of the order they have made. Be careful with this one as you are not supposed to send emails to Lazada customers or communicate with them external to the platform.

  • Survey/Feedback Emails

This is your way of getting to know more about the customer for purposes of marketing and making informed decisions.

  • Cart abandonment Emails

Just like the name indicates, these are emails meant to follow up with customers who have left their carts without checking out. If you have your own site, you should have in mind that customers abandon their carts for reasons such as expensive shipping costs, long processes and bad site navigation.

  • Re-engagement Emails

These are emails that are aimed at encouraging customers to take a particular line of action. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Liking your social media accounts.
  • Following your store
  • Responding to the email you have sent.
  • Giving offers that direct them to check out.
  • Giving incentives that motivate purchase such as free shipping.
  • Thank you emails

Thank you emails are help you show appreciation for your customers and showing them that you care. These emails have a higher conversion rate than the normal mails due to a higher click-through rate.

You can use the following for your thank you mails:

  • A short subject line.
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Coupons.
  • Requesting reviews/feedback

Final Considerations for Lazada eMail Marketing

The following tips can help you out in email marketing:

  • Have a goal

Each email you send should be goal oriented and should have a purpose. Don’t just send emails for the sake of communicating or you stand to lose your customers and getting people to unsubscribe. No one wants to receive marketing mails that provide value so always be providing value.

  • Optimize for mobile users

Your mails should be optimized for mobile users so that they don’t have to get to their laptops every time they receive a mail from you. The world is mobile now.

  • Make it relevant

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and try to evaluate whether the content you send is beneficial or not. Don’t waste people’s time sending mails that have no use. Your mails should be relevant and have only the essential information required by a user. Otherwise you may be on the verge of losing all of your email subscribers.


So, as I hope you can see, collecting an email list and using email marketing can help you scale your Lazada business across multiple sales channels. Effective email marketing can generate sales for free if you work hard to collect emails and engage with your customers in the right way.

I encourage all Lazada sellers to start collecting emails when they have the opportunity. Doing so will help you build a long term strategic advantage for your brand and store.

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Teeth Whitening Melbourne


Are your discoloured teeth eclipsing your beautiful smile? Have you noticed lately that your teeth are stained due to prolonged usage of caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking? Sunshine Dental Group in Melbourne offers Teeth Whitening Melbourne services to restore the shine and dazzle back to your smile.

Consult with your dentist. Your dentist can provide a thorough assessment and determine the best course of treatment for you. Your dentist will take into consideration several factors like the causes of discolouring or staining or your teeth, your overall lifestyle, examination of your gums and teeth to determine their healthiness. From there, they will determine if teeth whitening is the most ideal solution for you.

Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Ideally, your teeth whitening treatment will commence in a dental clinic. However, with an increasing number of people preferring teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of their homes, your dentist can offer home teeth whitening kits customised for you. This kit offers you the flexibility of doing your whitening treatment at your preferred time. These home teeth whitening kits are a great option for people wanting to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their homes at their own leisure time.

Your dentist will take moulds of our teeth and create custom fitted trays for you. Along with your customised teeth mould trays, you will be given a whitening gel as well. Your dentist would thoroughly explain the working of these trays to you and resolve all the doubts you have. The home teeth whitening kits are fairly simple to use. All you need to do is fill this teeth mould tray with the whitening gel each evening and wear this tray for about 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity of your treatment. The duration of this treatment is usually for 2 weeks; however, it can vary a bit depending on the intensity of the treatment.

A lot of over the counter teeth whitening options are available these days at the pharmacy such as whitening toothpastes, teeth trays and gels. Toothpastes can help eliminate the stains, but they are not as effective as the teeth whitening gels. Over the counter whitening gels might contain harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide that might cause harm to the teeth and gums. Over the counter teeth trays are not custom made but are one size fits all, they might result in patchy colouring of your teeth if it does not fit perfectly. Very often the home teeth whitening kits purchased online do not publish their ingredients. Using such kits can be harmful to your teeth.

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armored vehicle costa rica

What are the Armored Vehicle Ratings?

Armored Vehicle Ratings – What do armor ratings mean?

Are you considering utilizing an armored vehicle? Perhaps you are heading to an area of increased risk and want to understand more about Armored Vehicle Hire, or are considering armored vehicle Costa Rica.

There are two main primary standards used to rate armor – The NIJ and the EN standard.

The NIJ (the U.S body) is considered the world leader for ballistic testing for armor, they perform a full range of tests and provide details of the results in their armor standards. These show the range of protection offered by the different pieces of armor tested, from low powered hand guns, up to armor piercing rifle rounds. They provide 8 classifications of protection known as threat levels which are Class I, IIA, II, IIIA, III, IV, V & VI.

armored vehicle costa rica

In other regions, predominantly Europe they are typically rated as levels B1-B7 using the Standard EN1063 scale. Both scales are similar in how they rate protection. Armor is typically tested at ranges from 5 meters to 15 meters, depending upon the class/rating and weapon. The class most likely to be found utilized and available on LATAM armored vehicle Costa Rica for rent is Class NIJ IIIA/ and EN standard B4. This will defeat .44 Magnum rounds, 9mm, 12 gauge shotguns and lesser threats.

Higher rated armor is available though always at a premium and is often dedicated to those at an increased level of risk. Class NIJ III/B5 is capable of defeating 7.62 rounds from a Kalishnikov rifle at 5 meters. The ratings then go up to counter significant caliber threats. At the B6/NIJ IV level and above the armor is designed to stop multiple 7.62 up to 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing) and Penetrator rounds and are also resistant to explosions.

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