How to Obtain AN AUS Driving Licence


Awards Driving School is one of the best known driving schools in the Queensland area, and has a well-deserved reputation for employing only the best driving instructors in Queensland.

You might think that we would say that, but we have the proof to back it up. The national average driving test first time pass rate is 41%. At Awards, our Queensland driving instructors achieve a first time pass rate for their pupils of 61%. That’s why our slogan is “pass fast, pass safe”. If you want to pass your test the first time (and you do, don’t you?) you have a far better chance with our driving instructors in Queensland than with any other driving school.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. If you’ve never stepped behind the wheel of a car before, our Queensland driving instructors will ensure that you feel comfortable from the moment that you begin.

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The Provisional Licence

There are three main steps towards getting a full AUS driving licence. To begin with, you need a provisional licence, before you can learn to drive on the roads. Obtaining a provisional licence is a simple matter of completing Form D1 on the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website. You can also get this form from a Post Office.

You’ll need to supply a couple of passport photographs, together with proof of identity such as a passport, proof of address, and your National Insurance number. You have to pay a fee of $50.00. You should receive your provisional licence within a week, and then you can begin your online driving lessons Queensland with our driving instructors in Queensland.

Pass Certificate

In order to obtain your Pass Certificate, you will need to pass both the theory and practical driving tests. As you have already seen, with our driving instructors in Queensland, your chances of a first time pass are way higher than the national average. Your Pass Certificate acts as a temporary driving licence and is only valid for two years.

The Full Licence

At the end of the two year period, you can apply for your Full Licence. You have to complete another Form D1, supply two passport photographs, proof of identity, proof of address, and your National Insurance number. You will then be issued with your Full Licence which is very like a credit card, and has your photograph on it. You can use this as proof of identity when it is required for other purposes.

One thing to note is that, if you do not apply for your Full Licence at the end of the two year validity of the Pass Certificate, you will have to undertake both the theory test and the practical test again.

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