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How to Cope With BPD

It is difficult to know how to cope with BPD, in the emotional roller coaster of having borderline personality disorder. Coping with BPD is not easy.  They can alternate from love and anger, feeling good or bad, clinging or distancing. When they’re angry, behind it is love. When they’re in love they often deny their anger. During an emotional meltdown they can send a hostile message. They become angry, when they protest for love. Behind the actual behavior is a person wanting love. Most of their behavior is a way to communicate how they actually feel, buried deep inside.

The individual with borderline personality disorder gets angry when defending against feelings of rejection, often pushing loved ones away. They test their partners love, to see if they’ll leave them. They are not aware of their triggers and displace their abandonment fears onto others, who may not actually be treating them this way. Since they feel not good enough, they do not feel worthy of love.  Many do not know how to cope with BPD.

As a child they tested the parent by pushing the boundaries to see how much they could get away with. By giving in to them, the parent lost control over the child’s behavior, causing the parent to over react by being angry or abandoning the childs needs, when the parent couldn’t cope. As a result, the child internalises that there is something wrong with them and feels abandoned for exploring themselves, unless they comply and be good for others. They shut down their emerging self to please others so they feel good and loved, not abandoned.

Many do not know how to cope with BPD. What they needed was a parent to support them in discovering themselves, so the real self could fully emerge. So, they could develop confidence in who they are as a person, and develop fully functioning capacities within themselves, in order to trust themselves to deal with life. Those with BPD struggle to initiate themselves and push themselves forward because they did not get the libidinal support to do so. They lack confidence in themselves and fear being abandoned for who they really are, if they put themselves out there to initiate themselves. They feel helpless, wrong, naughty, a burden and so on. They give up on themselves and focus on being loved, at all costs. When they put themselves out there, often they feel like a child who is about to get reprimanded for doing the wrong thing or be out-casted for activating themselves; so they feel all those intolerable feelings that propel them to give up on themselves and comply to what others need, to avoid the abandonment feelings and self-loathing that comes from exploring themselves.

The person who has BPD often felt abandoned or worthless for being themselves, unless they complied to the needs of others. They often they come into counselling for depression, when they feel like giving up with life, not being able to cope with the feelings of abandonment depression. They also attend anxiety treatment Melbourne since focusing on themselves is anxiety provoking for them. Therefore, they give up their self to please others, at the cost to themselves, denying the harm it causes  them, not taking care of themselves, being dependent on others, staying in perpetual crisis and unable to protect themselves with boundaries. They usually have difficulty saying no because they do not want to feel abandoned. They end up helping others with their problems, rather than focusing on themselves. Therefore, without investing in themselves, they do not reach their potential in life and often feel the void that comes with that.

BPD how to cope They often end up in relationships that are destructive because they do not trust themselves to walk away when something does not seem right, often going along with what others want and ignoring abusive signs because it feels normal. They will sacrifice themselves to feel wanted and not abandoned, even if they are mistreated. They will often put others above themselves, not believing in themselves to know any better, to avoid abandonment at the expense of themselves. Deep down they know the truth but do not listen to themselves or back themselves.  They sell themselves short. They put their trust in others to take over their life for them, denying what they think, because they do not trust themselves. They often end up putting up with abusive treatment to feel loved, searching for the love they’ve hope for. The problem is they invest in others not themselves, which does not get them anywhere.

anxiety treatment melbourne
anxiety treatment melbourne

Coping with BPD

There are ways of coping with BPD mange the behaviour? They require a partner, friend or therapist who really listens to them, keep them on track with their goals or pursuits of the real self and back them, not watch them cave in when they feel abandoned or wrong; but assist in pushing them to trust that they know best about what they really need. They do not need others to tell them what to do, despite the fact they want this.

The BPD person often had others do things for them, because they gave up on themselves and so they didn’t learn to do things for them.  They can present as passive to take control of their life, dependent or helpless and look for others to guide them or do things for them.

When the BPD ends up in crisis or cannot cope, others feel the need to help, since they often didn’t learn the skills to help themselves.  They often stay helpless, stuck and dependent on others. Often loved ones become exhausted at rescuing them and they end up giving up on them, abandoning them.

The person who has BPD cannot learn or grow if people do things for them or take over their life for them. They require the space to be themselves, so they can understand themselves. Telling them what to do does not assist them to take responsibility for themselves, but reinforces how incapable they feel and enables their helplessness.

A helpful guideline on how to cope with BPD

Ways to deal with emotions and communicate them

  • Many people with BPD frequently feel attacked or abandoned, when this may not be the case. In these situations, do not react to how you’re feeling. Work out if what you are feeling is warranted or if you are being triggered. Is there any evidence? Does the reaction feel disproportionate to the real situation? Does the feeling seem too overwhelming, which could suggest a deeper wound. Is the situation stirring up buried feelings inside of you?
  • Understand your triggers and situations that trigger you.
  • If you are triggered, remove yourself from the situation to process your feelings, rather than react. Get in touch with the emotions. Calmly express yourself at a more suitable time, if necessary.
  • Recognise that the feelings of worthlessness or abandonment belong in the past and do not let them interfere with how you see yourself or others. Talk yourself out of it, to overcome these negative self beliefs and anxious fears. No one really believes that you are as bad as you imagine. Deal with the emotions and let go of them.
  • Be aware of what feelings belongs to the past and what belongs to the present. Therapy can assist to put the feelings back where they belong, so you are not affected by them.

How to take control of your life

  • Be aware that the having others take care of you can push loved ones away and not help you take control of your life.
  • Instead of accommodating others – learn to say no, focus on yourself, set limits on behaviours that negatively impact you.
  • Taking on board everyone else’s issues prevents you from focusing on your own life. You cannot possibly be present in your own life, if you’re dealing with everyone else, instead of yourself.
  • If you fear rejection, by not focusing on others, it is not true. Focusing on others (e.g parent) was a way to avoid feelings of abandoned, but it distracted you from self enhancing. The person who is borderline will become stronger once they focus on themselves, not everyone else.
  • Avoiding to face challenging situations can further set you back. Avoiding the problems will not make them go away. Facing the problems helps you to sort your own life out. Try not to berate yourself or give up. Learning comes from the mistakes we make on the way. It takes time reach ones goals.
  • Get the back up and support for you to develop your goals, do research, speak to those who can help you to help yourself. Share your aspirations with loved ones. Learn to take responsibly for yourself.

At Counselling Melbourne, if the person who is borderline can become focused on themselves, they can develop a clear purpose. This will allow them to make the right decisions for themselves. When they develop a clear sense of self, they can pave the way forward, without distractions. They can say no, set boundaries and not get drawn into situations that are harmful to them.

partial dentures hoppers crossing

Overview on Partial Dentures

Missing teeth may lead to gum disease, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. When teeth are missing, the health of your remaining ones may suffer. Partial dentures will provide support for cheeks and lips, improve speech and help you properly chew food. Partial dentures are removable dental appliances that replace multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures can be attached to your teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments. Metal partial dentures hoppers crossing are typically made from cobalt and an alloy of chromium. They are more comfortable and stronger than plastic ones. Metal dentures are also hypoallergenic and easily relined. They look natural and discreet.

It is highly recommended to brush your partial denture on a daily basis to remove food particles and plaque. Make sure you clean them gently to avoid damaging the clasps or the base. Proper care will increase the longevity of your dentures.

It can take a few weeks until you get accustomed to wearing a partial denture. Remember to follow the dentist’s instructions about removing and inserting your denture. Avoid subjecting your denture to force or the metal clasps may break or bend. Make sure you set up an appointment with a dentist that can determine what kind of denture is suitable for you needs.

partial dentures hoppers crossing
partial dentures hoppers crossing

How to Take Care of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have become quite popular in the last years because they are relatively durable, convenient and in the same time a much cheaper alternative to dental implants. However, if you plan to maintain your partial dentures hoppers crossing in good condition and for a long period so that you will not have any problems with them, there are several things that you need to know.

When you wear partial dentures hoppers crossing you have to brush your teeth even more often because food and plague will not do them any good. The material from which partial dentures are made is prone to getting stained and this is something you can easily avoid with a good dental hygiene. However, remember to brush your teeth gently because if you apply too much force you can deteriorate the dentures.


Best Remedial Massage in Melbourne

Remedial massage Melbourne cbd is a treatment modality that manipulates the soft tissues of the body for a specific therapeutic effect. It uses relevant techniques, herbal liniments and movements according to the client’s needs and response. This leads to the healing process, which begins at the cellular level aiding soft tissues in repairing, restoring functional integrity and adapting back to health.

The actual treatment intervention is only a part of the whole process. The intellectual reasoning that proceeds, accompanies and follows the treatment is essential and complex. Clinical reasoning is achieved when the Professional Practice Protocol (PPP) is followed, the response from the client is assessed and the technique is adapted to their condition.

When remedial massage is practiced at this professional level it is directed by the initial assessment of the client, modified to suit the needs of the individual, and adapted in the light of each individual’s response. The quality of the decisions made using this clinical reasoning will determine the quality of the treatment.

Remedial massage Melbourne cbd is a deep massage which creates the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury or with muscular-skeletal disorders. It is used to treat chronic muscular-skeletal imbalances, strains, sprains, broken bones, bruising or any injury where the skin is intact. It removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. Remedial massage is also used for conditions created by lifestyle for example repetitive strain injury and back pain. It is designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas.

remedial massage melbourne cbd
remedial massage melbourne cbd

It is often successful where other forms of treatment have failed. Therapists are not qualified to provide medical advice or diagnosis, however, an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required to determine where to treat each patient.

The therapist uses the patient’s feedback to pinpoint the damaged tissue and to regulate pressure. The results are usually immediate; certainly within 3 sessions a big improvement will be seen. Most patients feel a difference after 1 session. A recent injury, perhaps within weeks, will react and recover more quickly than a long-term injury, some up to 40 years. However they will all see improvement.

Remedial massage Melbourne cbd has particular success with long-standing back and compound injuries that have resisted previous treatment attempts.  Sportsmen and women attend regularly to ensure that unnoticeably small injuries are treated before they reduce performance and become debilitating. Recurrent injuries are injuries that have never been effectively treated.

Some common conditions that can be successfully treated are:

  • Achilles Tendon
  • Tendinitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Groin Strain
  • Cartilage damage
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Hamstring Injuries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Scar tissue
  • Adhesions
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Repetitive Strain Injury

The intention is more to fix a mechanical problem, however, all-round health improvement is seen: better sleep, increase in vitality and performance levels, as well as increased mobility. It can also be used to treat general muscle soreness from over exertion. If stress is a big factor in your life then ideally a combination of remedial and relaxation techniques will achieve optimal results. A one hour treatment is recommended for the first session but try to allow an extra 15 minutes prior to your appointment for the initial assessment.

Best Aluminium Awning Windows in Australia

People who are interested in installing aluminium awning windows in their home need to look up the different style of windows that are available.  The kind of windows that you choose to put inside of your home are very important.  Always make sure you plan your windows to match the surrounding decor of the home.

Different kinds of aluminium awning windows are located in different rooms in a building.  You can use the sliding windows as a terrace or even patio windows that open up your home to your back yard.  You can also use these styles of windows to lead into a balcony or even family room.  Because of the versatility that most aluminium awning windows offer, they have become very popular with new homes.

Installing or even fixing this style of windows is also very simplistic if you know what you are doing.  Whether you are looking to replace or fix a particular set of aluminium awning windows, it is important that you properly measure the opening of the window.  You will need to ensure that all the existing railings, rollers, and glazing are all in the designated place.

There are many different manuals that are available online to help you work through the detailed installation process of these aluminium windows.  It is important to find the right style of aluminium window that will give you the best results possible.  Always make sure you are looking up the different products that are available online.

aluminium awning windows
aluminium awning windows

Remember you can use the sliding aluminium windows as a great space saver.  Anytime you are looking for a way to create space in your home you can use these windows because they won’t require you to install any hinges in your home.  They are great because they will run along hidden tracks and vanish into different pockets inside the wall.

The kind of aluminium window that you choose will depend on your specific preferences.  People who are interested in modern and trendy windows need to look up different online retailers that are available.  The online retailer that you choose will help you determine the best product that is available.

Always make sure you look up the different companies that offer these windows online.  You need to remember it is important for you to look up specific companies that are selling aluminium awning windows.  This will help you get the best price available for your window set.


5 burner gas cooktop

Buying a Gas Cooktop

Gas Cooktops for Discerning Cooks

Many homeowners are opting for a fantastic way to customize their approach to cooking by choosing a gas cooktop for their kitchen. A gas cooktop differs from a traditional stove or range in that there is no oven connected with it. It is built right into the countertop, just like a sink. Cooktops use natural gas as fuel, and most are easily converted for use with propane.

Goldline Corp Gas Cooktops Offer Flexibility And Efficiency

Goldline Corp Gas cooktops offer flexibility in the kitchen in terms of placement. While traditional placement along an outside wall works well, cooktops may also be incorporated into the counter top of a large island in the center of the kitchen, which decreases distances to the sink, refrigerator/freezer, pantry, or utensil storage. Making a cooktop the center of the action increases efficiency and decreases fatigue. In addition, with today’s open floor plans, having the cooktop more centrally located gives you the opportunity to interact with gathered family and friends, rather than standing with your back to them during food preparation.

auto heat up electric cooktop
auto heat up electric cooktop

If you love to cook, or simply want to make the work go more quickly with greater efficiency, a gas cooktop will be a welcomed addition to your culinary pursuits or kitchen routine. Installing a cooktop can be done easily, whether you are remodeling, building new, or simply want to incorporate one into your existing kitchen. Wiring, and venting if required, does not present a significant challenge, and most contractors have experience installing cooktops.

What Are Your Options?

Goldline Corp Gas cooktops are available in 90-inch models with up to 5 burners. Options available on gas cooktops make selecting the right one easy. While an all-burner surface is standard, options include grill and griddle accessories, wok rings, and removable wood cutting surfaces. Powerful burners of 15,000 BTU or more, bring food up to cooking temperatures quickly and produce better frying and wok work, while auto heat up electric cooktop allow for simmering without scorching. Cast iron grates, dishwasher safe knobs, and sealed burners make clean-up quick and easy. Most gas cooktops require the use of a ventilation hood, though downdraft models draw exhaust into the unit from below. Some downdraft cooktops also offer vent free options using filters. Explore your options on our site. The chances are we’ll be able to connect you to the perfect gas cooktop to make your cooking more enjoyable, more efficient, and more delicious!


Plasma Machine

CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Manufacturers in Australia

Plasma cutting machines are used to cut heavy metals, like steel or other hard materials, using a gas powered torch. It works by exerting pressure on the gas and making it to release from the nozzle and the creating a n electrical arc which turns gas into plasma and helps in cutting with high flame and intense heat.

CNC Plasma Cutter Machine works the same way, just the difference is that it is automated and driven by dedicated computers to work in a way which humans can’t do.

Plasma Cutting Machines is a CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Manufacturer and has been associated with Cutting and Welding area. We focus on providing the world with innovative and affordable small CNC solutions.

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of CNC plasma cutting table, Portable CNC Plasma Cutter Machine, Bench, plasma CNC cutting machine, Laser Engraving Machine, etc which are distributed to 50 countries around the world.

CNC Plasma Cutter Machine
CNC Plasma Cutter Machine

Our mission is to innovate and make Plasma Cutting Machines a top notch company and provide world class services to our valued customers across the globe.

The company takes social responsibilities very seriously towards its employees. We are committed for the health and safety of our staff and we are also dedicated to protecting the environment.

Our main goal is our customer’s success; we do it as our top concern without any compromise.

For further information about our products or in case of any queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Steel Fabrication Melbourne

Steel fabrication melbourne has a method that works well if followed closely. It is not that hard to erect a steel building rather it is much easier than other methods of building a structure. Here are some mechanics on how to effectively erect a strong steel building that will function for a much longer period of time.

Steel building materials is delivered to the site of construction and it is already ready and primed up for steel fabrication melbourne. First thing to do is to construct the frames especially the ones bearing the part of the end wall, it is among the first to be erected. This part contains the bracing and foundation of the steel building.

Erecting the steel building columns first is to be preferred  and then connect them together with the other parts or girt and tighten all the anchor bolts. Remember to install temporary bracings as soon as sections are lifted in their proper place.

steel fabrication melbourne

After the erection of the columns, the assembled rafter of the ground is hoisted into its proper place and then connected to the already standing columns. The rafter size usually depends on the available equipment and the decision of the attending steel fabrication melbourne foreman. Remember to always adjust the anchor bolt tension in order to seat the assembled rafter.

The brace of the flange should always be bolted into the rafter before the. The equipment to be used in the hoisting up should not be detached from the rafter until after the frame is already rightfully braced in place. This way it wont be able to tip or buckle.

This is just one of several safe steel fabrication melbourne processes. The steel building developer will offer manuals and advise in order to allow you to be able to safely erect your steel building in the right manner.

Another method of steel fabrication melbourne involves the support process described earlier but with one minor difference, which is that the columns of the side walls and the first section rafter will be bolted to each other on the ground while raising its position in one lifting motion. The cable used for lifting is installed at the so called balance point. When the column is already secured by the bolts of the anchors and provides support to the free end, the method is then repeated with the help of the frame strongly bolted together at the proper ridge.

Steel fabrication melbourne can be a fun task as it gives everybody a sense of wonder in how easy it is to build such a strong and long lasting structure.

Personal training fort lauderdale

How to Get Back into the Gym

The holidays are officially over. Personally, I hate taking down all the decorations. For me that means that the festivities, the parties, the food, the notion of peace on earth and goodwill towards men have all suddenly vanished. For many of us, this means that we no longer have excuses or obstacles in our way to get back into the gym. Yet, it can be very challenging to make that first move especially if we have taken an extended break from exercise.

As an athlete, I struggled with an injury about a year ago that basically resulted in me having to take a good month and a half off. I was grateful for the rest as I had previously pushed myself way too hard but when it was time to get back to it, I looked in the mirror and saw the results of what I could only call a downward spiral of bad choices. Because I stopped working out, I started making very poor eating choices. I drank more than I normally did and didn’t get enough sleep. For me, it’s either all going in a positive direction or in a negative one. It was definitely not going the way I wanted. And this is a totally normal experience. I’m sure you have felt this way too that when one thing is going well we can leverage that experience to help push other facets in a positive direction. It can also be the same with when things are not going your way. And this was the case with me.

I remember looking at the mirror and this voice crept into my mind, “what’s the use? You’ll have to start all over and you’re more limited now than ever because of your injury.” The prospect seemed daunting. I had trained pretty seriously for about 5 years now and I had a major setback. I know many of you have felt that same feeling of starting back at square one whether it’s taking a month off, a year off or maybe it’s been a few years.

Especially in sunny and fit Florida, having access to some of the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you might not know where to begin. I’m here to tell you that all you need to do is make the first move and we can do the rest. However, here’s a few other pieces of advice that are helpful when starting off on the right foot in getting back into the gym.

best gyms fort lauderdale
best gyms fort lauderdale

Bite Off What You Can Realistically Chew

For me, what I needed to do was take a “one step at a time” approach. If I tried to just do it all at once it would be an epic failure as I would be taking on too much. I needed to reintroduce positive reinforcement to getting me back into the gym. So, I started by just doing one session a week. That was my task in the beginning. If I can make it to one workout a week then eventually I can make it to two and so on. Manageable goals are the key to your success.

Be Patient With Yourself

I was nowhere near my peak when I got back into the gym. It wasn’t just the month off, but the injury forced me to evaluate how I approached certain movements I now was limited with. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in a different phase of my life and not to hold unrealistic expectations of myself. Even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale can provide, with the best trainers and coaches cheering you on, having the patience for yourself as you re-adjust to a gym routine will work wonders. As Coaches, we don’t expect world class fitness out of anyone, much less someone who is just coming back. Know that we’re happy you’re there and making the effort and you should feel the same pride within yourself.

There Is Nothing Better Than a Friend’s Support

When I got back in, I was lucky enough to have my training partner work out with me and help me scale movements as well as encourage me to keep going. That’s one of the best things about CrossFit, is that it’s communal in a group setting. Working out alone, even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has, can feel like a huge drag. Friends can make all the difference. At RoxFire Fitness, I encourage an environment that is supportive and just know that we’re all there with a shared goal in mind. It’s great accountability to have someone who is trying to do the same thing you are! So next time you come in, bring a new friend with you and we’ll help them started as well.

The biggest takeaway from this I can offer is that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Maybe you’re someone who has always started and stopped workout programs because you’re on your own. I know what it’s like to walk into a big anonymous gym and have to self-motivate especially when taking time off. This is the real value of working out in a CrossFit class. I’m going to do everything I can to motivate you to come in and give it to your best. I want you to succeed and see the full value of the premium experience you’re paying for.

At the end of the day, making the effort is really what counts. If you can send us an email or text and say “hey I need to get back in, but I’m struggling!” – have no fear. I’ll give you a call and we’ll set up a time to come meet one-on-one and we can talk through everything. It doesn’t have to be a scary or intimidating experience. Know that when I first started CrossFit, I had always worked out but never really in a group setting. Walking in was the hardest choice I made, but ultimately the best one. Sometimes the things we fear the most are the things that push us towards the most growth. I’ll always be a support and Coach to those who want to make their fitness goals become a reality! So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


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Kids Animal Print Rugs

One of the major concerns while decorating your house is how to decorate your kid’s room. This is one room that needs special attention. The room of your kid needs to be bright and attractive. The walls have to be painted with bright and vibrant colors and the furniture items should suit the taste of the kid. While designing the room of your kid, keep in mind that the decor items need to be durable since they will be subject to harsh treatments. The kids’ animal print rugs are best suited as they not only make the room appear bright, but are also durable.

Kid animal print rugs are the best gifts that you can present your kid. It is found out that spending time on top of the animal print rug is the best activity of a kid. They can sit on top of it comfortably due to the presence of soft folds. If your kid prefers to sit at the corners of the room and enjoy listening to music and watching animated films, then the kid animal print rugs are the best thing to place for them. Apart from providing the necessary comfort, the kid animal print rugs are durable and can withstand strenuous activities of the kids.

The kid animal print rugs are available in various colors and styles. You can buy a rug for your kid that will help the kid in education due to the variety of design present. They rugs include various patterns including a compass, English alphabets, the number system, stepping stone, addition and multiplication table, map of the country, numbers and letters combined and much more. The kid animal print rugs can have colored pattern of the world map, the map indicating the continents, and the solar system with the individual planets named. If your kid is in love with sports, then you can have the kid’s animal print rugs designed as a football, basketball, soccer ball, a basket ball court and other sports accessories.

animal print rug

To aid the kid in understanding the location of the house, you can place an animal print rug that has the town painted on top of it. You can even have the streets of your locality, the countryside, and the town painted on the rugs. Nothing will make you kid happier than have the picture of the cartoon characters painted on the rugs, those animated characters that your kid loves to watch. You can have the picture of Spider man, Barbie, Tom and Jerry, Donald duck and more such interesting characters. The color used on the rugs does not fade out easily since they prepared from a solution of dyed yarn. They are very easy to clean and can be washed easily at home.

While selecting kid’s animal print rugs, select one that has lower pile. This will make it easier for you to clean it. Moreover, give attention to the type of material it is made of. Those kids animal print rugs made of nylon and polypropylene are more durable than the rest. They are the best way of giving the last touch to your kid’s room by making it all the more attractive and lively. The kids’ animal print rugs are easy to use and when not in use they can be simply folded and placed somewhere else. This keeps them clean and dirt free. These animal print rugs are ideal to be placed in your kid’s nursery, their bedroom, the game room, the entertainment room of the kid, and your kid’s day care centre. You can select from a whole range of animal print rugs for kids including various colors, patterns, shapes and sizes to suit the choice of your kid.

Don’t Give Up! Teaching Kids Perseverance and Grit

Give your child the power of grit, and they can never quit! – How coding and technology courses build persistence.

Putting your child in computer coding classes for kids early on gives them new skills while sharpening existing ones to build their overall educational perseverance and grit. Having grit means having that extra motivation to meet a goal! Establishing grit and persistence early in development can lead to many successes in the future. Here are some key points that show how coding and technology courses strengthens a child’s will to learn!

Building STEM Confidence for Girls and Minorities

According to statistics from, women who try AP Computer Science in high school are ten times more likely to major in it in college. By starting early and building that persistence, kids are able to dip their toes in the water with topics like coding, robotics, and more.

From the same statistics, students who take AP Computer Science in high school are 6 times more likely to major in computer science than those who do not, and Black and Hispanic students are 7 or 8 times more likely.

Texas has no required coding fundamentals in public schools — so by enrolling them in a computer science course outside of school, you are exposing them to the opportunities not usually offered through traditional education.

Importance of Computational Thinking

By learning computational thinking, kids will learn key attributes that help them face a complex problem. With computer science, kids are faced with challenging subjects like programming, hacking, and learning algorithms. By teaching them the way to face the challenges and problems they might run into, you are giving them valuable skills to make them future leaders.

BBC’s Bitesize stated, “Computational thinking allows us to take a complex problem, understand what the problem is and develop possible solutions. We can then present these solutions in a way that a computer, a human, or both, can understand.”

computer coding classes for kids
computer coding classes for kids

Teaching kids not to give up

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth defines “grit” as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” In her compelling Ted Talk on the subject of perseverance, she argues that a child’s grit and capacity for perseverance is a much stronger indicator that they will succeed in their education and professional careers. At Launch, we understand this grit as a supplemental educational skill to be developed along with any other. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that our students develop skills perseverance as well as computer programing skills:

Teach by example: “Showing” rather than “Telling” makes a much greater impact.

Provide challenging activities: Growth can’t be done in your comfort zone.

Offer praise and encouragement: Validation when deserved reinforced positive behavior

Set age appropriate goals: Challenging does not mean impossible, realistic goals ensures a definable path to success.

Realize frustration is OK: Challenges are just that, challenging. When a child learns that it is okay to struggle, and in fact embrace it, they will advance to higher and higher achievements.

Being Receptive to Constructive Criticism

Taking constructive criticism to better oneself rather than handling it negatively is a key to building grit and persistence. By teaching kids that it is okay to learn from their mistakes, you teach them to continue on with their goals and make improvements rather than giving up. Constructive criticism includes offering examples of things to work on or by offering clarification to something that may seem confusing to them through their work. You are building a positive atmosphere through feedback. Coding can often be frustrating, but by working through problems with an instructor who provides constructive criticism, your child can work through coding errors and excel in creating an online presence.

At Launch, we pride ourselves in making sure kids are comfortable and work through complex problems that may arise in projects. We strive to build grit and persistence in our students so that they can be successful in their future goals.


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